Rustic Chess and Checkers Table with removable glass top - chess and checkers pieces included


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Table Height

This rustic chess table is a perfect gift for any chess or checkers lover. The finely-detailed chess table features a removable tempered glass top which allows you to "pause" a great game for a break, functioning as a durable, scratch-free coffee or end table surface for drinks, food, and everyday use. When you're ready to step back into the game, the glass top easily slides off and you're ready to play. The table is framed using rustic stained and clear-coated pine. 4 sturdy steel hairpin legs provide plenty of support with minimal foot interference, and can easily be removed for moving/storage.

The table pictured measures 20x20".

A full set of wooden chess and checkers pieces is included, along with a drawstring bag to hold any extra pieces when not in use. Please note that the table is built to accommodate a 3.25" (or smaller) king height, so please keep this in mind if you'd like to use an existing set of pieces on this board.

The table pictured measures 18" tall and is a typical coffee table height, though other heights are also offered.

The table will be shipped without legs attached, but assembly is quick and easy using pre-drilled holes and a Philips screwdriver. All hardware is included.

100% Made in the USA. All pieces are signed and dated.