Rustic BYO Board Game Table with Removable Tempered Glass Top and Hidden Storage Drawer



This rustic BYO board game table is a must for any game lover. This elegant and durable game table measures 25x25", and is the perfect place to play - and store - your favorite games. Compatible with popular games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Catan, Mahjong, Parcheesi, Rummikub, and many others (not included!), including a myriad number of classic card games. It also functions as a versatile display table or puzzle table for smaller puzzles. A durable maple plywood game surface resists scratches and makes cleanup a breeze. And with an under-glass depth of more than 1.5", this table even fits games with taller pieces. 

A hidden drawer on one side of the table slides out to reveal a large storage compartment which holds game boards, game pieces, your monopoly bank, TV remotes, and just about anything else you could think of. 

When the game ends, life interrupts or you're simply taking a break in your game night, the removable durable tempered glass top slides on and protects whatever game, puzzle or collectible you're storing inside. The table instantly becomes a durable, scratch-free surface for drinks, food or everyday use. When you're ready to step back into the game, the glass top easily slides off and you're ready to play. The table is framed using rustic stained and clear-coated pine. 4 steel hairpin legs provide plenty of support with minimal foot interference, and can easily be removed for moving/storage.

The table pictured measures 18" in height, but different table heights are available in the drop-down menu.