Cape Cod Map Coffee Table - 24x36"


Table Height

A beautiful, unique 24x36" map coffee table of Cape Cod, including Monomoy Island, Cape Cod Bay and points South.

Cartographic and bathymetric (water depth) data are compiled to create a beautiful layered map full of texture and a high level of detail, beautifully stained and dyed to highlight the unique characteristics of any city. 

The table includes a sturdy, durable 1/4" tempered glass top which provides a scratch-free surface for drinks, food and everyday use. The table is framed using rustic stained and clear-coated pine. 4 steel hairpin legs provide plenty of support with minimal foot interference, and can easily be removed for moving/storage.

The table pictured measures 18" tall and is a typical coffee table height. Different height options are also available.

Exterior measurements for 24x36" Table - 25.5"x37.5".

The table will be shipped without legs attached, but assembly is quick and easy using pre-drilled holes and a Philips screwdriver. All hardware is included.

100% Made in the USA. All pieces are signed and dated.